Only like four trailers came out last week but one of them was Suspiria so last week was a good week and we should all be grateful for the nightmares that Suspiria is going to bring us this November. I’m really excited for Suspiria.

Anyways here are the trailers, including Suspiria.

Night School

There’s no particular part of this trailer that works in any significant way beyond the general likability of both Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, and a pretty solid who’s-who of a support cast (Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, and Mary Lynn Rajskub). Maybe a trailer like this would play better in front of a crowd, where you can feed off one another’s energy and laugh at some of the attempted punchlines in the trailer, but sitting alone and watching it on a computer leaves much to be desired. I did moderately enjoy watching Hart put on more and more layers of protective gear as Haddish’s teacher continues to beat him into submission in a UFC octagon, but that isn’t necessarily played as a joke, just a moderately entertaining sight gag. I think the leads in this movie are funnier than this trailer shows, which makes me think they’d be better suited to play off of each other in a different movie.


I heard about this movie a few months back, and basically all I remember was A24, Chance The Rapper (here credited as Chance Bennett), and a horror movie involving a pizza delivery boy, and, yeah, I was 100% hooked. This trailer has a really strong vibe of an old-school, B-movie, without feeling like it needs to drench itself in nostalgia. The trailer promises gore, a Hellmouth, a strong cast (from Atlanta and Deadpool’s Zazie Beetz, comedy mainstays like Paul Scheer, Hannibal Burress and Chris Parnell, and the aforementioned Bennett), and really what else could you want from something like this. Bennett’s one line delivery doesn’t really show much of a performance, but he proved himself on SNL last season, so I’m pretty encouraged that this could be a lot of fun.


I’ve watched this trailer so many times, alongside the movie’s first trailer that inspired this series of posts. This movie just looks unreal, and these trailers are selling that so well. From the muted colors, the occasional spectral lights, the haunting keys from Thom Yorke, and the performances (especially Tilda Swinton, to Dakota Johnson, to Chloe Grace Moretz and the definitely-not-Tilda-Swinton-in-old-man-makeup Lutz Ebersdorf), everything about this feels unsettling. This trailer is so damn creepy, that part of me wishes that they hadn’t showed the random demon hands/whatever the hell that creature in the red room is. It doesn’t need to be that overt about how terrifying everything is going to be, because the mood sells that enough. Yorke’s music does it a lot of favors, but just lingering shots of a hook and the brief-yet-haunting shot of the deeply broken-looking women in a different dance studio (undoubtedly from the scene this movie inexplicably showed at a luncheon during CinemaCon) are enough to let you know that this movie will not be a comfortable experience. That said, I’m not going to really complain about demon hands/demon body, because I’m sure that is barely even teasing the nightmares this movie is going to bring. I’m so onboard for the nightmares and feelings of deep regret I’ll get as I leave this movie theater.

The Old Man and the Gun

Like Suspiria, this movie was part of the very first post I did about trailers, although, unlike the horror film, the trailer didn’t sell me too much. It seemed like it would be a solid movie for Redford to go out on, as the rumors of his retirement had already been creeping around then. Now, a few weeks removed from the official announcement that this will be his last movie, this trailer does a much better job at selling one of our best performer’s swan song. Not only does it look like it can be another great performance in a career filled with them, but it looks like Redford is going to get to go out with a movie that was a lot of fun for him to make. When the trailer introduces his co-conspirators (Danny Glover and Tom Waits), it takes on a new life and a new charm that makes the whole thing feel kind of impossible to avoid. The last shot, the freeze frame of him smiling as he finger guns something in the distance, brought a big smile on my face. This is going to be a joy to watch (even with Casey Affleck, who we shouldn’t be putting in movies).

Rankings and Summaries

  1. Suspiria- The hype has been so real on this movie since the first trailer inspired me doing these posts, and that hype somehow got upped to an unreal level with this trailer.
  2. The Old Man & The Gun- This trailer does a much better job than the first one in promising a worthy send off for Robert Redford.
  3. Slice- In another week, this fun trailer, setting up what looks to be a bloody good time, would probably have been my favorite of the week.
  4. Night School- A decent enough trailer that seems to suggest that we deserve a better team-up between Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart.
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