Sorry that it’s been a minute since I’ve done these. After seeing two of my very best friends get married, and slightly hurting my knee during the festivities, I have not really had a chance to focus on these trailers, but I’m making a comeback before Comic-Con drowns me. Included in this package is a movie that is already out, and I’m not sure why final trailers are coming out so soon before the movie, because they’ll never really get any play inside a theater, but, then again, the Internet exists, so who cares? Either way, here’s the last two weeks of trailers.


So, yeah, this movie is already out, which is partially my fault for being a couple weeks behind, but also, why did they release a new trailer so close to the premiere? It seems so strange. Also, this trailer is mostly just an extended sequence from the film, one that includes dramatic stakes based on the fact that our main character has a prosthetic leg that could fall off at any point, which feels kind of weird. Also, this trailer might have the most accurate first line of dialogue I’ve ever seen in a trailer (“This is stupid.”) I haven’t seen this movie, and judging by its box office take, neither did you. I’m proud of us for that one. I’m sure this movie does okay at what it wants to be, which is a stupid action movie, but other action movies have shown we can do better.

The Favourite

I will start with the important note that I have not seen either of Yorgos Lanthimos’ other films (The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer), both of which I’ve heard very good things about, but this trailer might be what I need to finally press play on both of those movies. This trailer is so wonderfully odd, with Olivia Colman playing a mad queen (a preview of her time on The Crown, no doubt) who giggles and screams without abandon, and Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone along for the ride. Plus, ducks race, so you know I’m onboard. But, for real, this looks like a deliriously good time and I need to see Lanthimos’ other work as soon as possible to truly appreciate his craft.

Wonder Park

Most of this trailer really works for me. Although a bit on the nose, the cover of “What A Wonderful World” adds a really strong feeling of sentimentality and, for lack of a better word, wonder to this trailer, as a young girl stumbles upon an old roller coaster car on a track, which causes a defunct park to magically come to life, filling with talking animals and human patrons. It does an incredible job of feeling genuinely magical and fun and seems like it could be a really sweet and enjoyable time in a theater. But then there’s a bear that gets stuck on a roller coaster and goes through some loops, which just feels like a stupid gag that does not fit in with the rest of the imagery of this trailer (the animation style isn’t anything particularly special either). I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that the movie itself focuses on the genuine wonder, instead of the unnecessary gags.

Life Itself

Second disclosure of having not encountered a creator’s previous work: I have not watched a singular episode of Dan Fogelman’s This Is Us, mostly out of protest (the hype on that show is so intense that I really didn’t want to fall into it), although I have enjoyed some of his other work (Tangled is enjoyable, as is Crazy, Stupid, Love and Galavant). Although this trailer feels like its very aware of the hype around Fogelman’s hit show, it really works on me. It has a wonderful charm and sweetness and heart to it, with a lot of the credit going to Oscar Isaac, who just seems to be a wonderfully charming and sweet person with a good heart. Throw in some Mandy Patinkin tearfully looking at a baby, and I’m hooked. A movie like this could very easy swerve into overly emotional and become a mess because of it, but I feel really encouraged by what I just saw. Not enough to push me to join the hype train of This Is Us (if I ever watch that show, it will entirely because I need more Sterling K. Brown in my life, because, let’s face it, we all need more Sterling K. Brown in our lives), but enough that I can see my wife and I crying together as we watch this movie in a theater.

Christopher Robin

Speaking of my wife and I crying in a movie theater, here’s a new trailer for that Winnie The Pooh movie that is coming out. You know, the one that’s basically Hook with Christopher Robin, which is apparently something we need. Which I only say with a bit of sarcasm, because this movie does seem to be utterly joyful, which in a world as dumpster fire-y as the one we’re in, is something I am genuinely seeking out in the media that I envelop myself in nowadays. Usually, when I hear someone respond to a request to be “less exuberant” with “ex-Pooh-berant,” I’d roll my eyes, but for whatever reason, hearing Jim Cummings say it as Winnie the Pooh, my heart swelled a bit. It’s all very sweet and cute, which is impressive considering the first time I saw the designs of these characters, I was straight up horrified. Plus, I get to see Peggy Carter holding Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger, which, sold. Also, Ewan McGregor is bae. Fight me.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

I’ll admit when I read that this movie is about a gay conversion camp, I expected something much heavier and darker than this (I have not read the book upon which this is based), and I’m kind of glad that it does not go that route. Listen, I get that dramatic and heavy takes on this kind of stuff is important, but also, I’m sad enough as it is, why am I steering into the curve (looking at you Handmaid’s Tale)? Not to say that this will be an easy watch, but it seems to have enough brightness and levity to really get me through the fact that it takes place a conversion camp. Add in that Chloe Grace Moretz (who I’ve always enjoyed as an actress) really seems to be doing some of her best work (no easy task), and this movie really could be something special and potentially offering a glimmer of hope despite its bleak setting.

Goosebumps 2

I have not seen the first movie but heard that its a mostly enjoyable little flick, thanks in no small part to Jack Black’s joyous performance and admittedly fun story (R.L. Stine actually exists, and his stories are coming to life). This, on the other hand, seems to lack either part of that. Other than voicing the doll (which, what?), Jack Black is a no-show (the only recognizable face is It‘s Ben Hanscom, Jeremy Ray Taylor), and the plot seems to basically be the exact same creatures are re-released and try to destroy everything again. This seems so deeply pointless. I honestly can’t remember much of what happens, other than evil gummy bears, because I spent so much time just thinking “Whyyyyyy?”


This looks like an excellently-acted film that I will almost certainly not see in theaters. Keira Knightley seems to do some very fine quiet, dramatic acting as the titular Colette, a queer ghostwriter who works to get the attention and credit that she so obviously deserves, fighting against the patriarchy in order to do it. To be honest, this trailer really seems to give away like the whole story, which is kind of a bummer, because I think that’s what kind of turns me off of the movie. I just feel like I already know what’s going to happen and don’t need to see it, which is a shame, because Knightley does truly seem to be turning in some of her best work and the story is important, there just isn’t any mystery left in the story, in my opinion.

Mary Queen of Scots

Y’all, this looks great. Ronan and Robbie are both off of Oscar-nominated performances in Lady Bird and I, Tonya, respectively, and neither one seems to have lost a step here. I’m sure it’s happened before, but the idea of two people straight off of performances that, almost any other year, could have won Oscars, immediately co-starring in a movie together really excites me, and the fact that they get to both play really complex women, neither of whom are necessarily in the wrong as they take their respective thrones just makes this all the more impressive. It looks like we’ll get some really solid action sequences, as well, as the two go to war, so yeah, I’m hyped for this movie.

A Simple Favor

This is not what I expected from a Paul Feig movie starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. What I expected to be a light-hearted romp with two likable leads is actually something that feels more inspired by Gone Girl, which, honestly, I’m kind of here for. Both of these actresses are easy to like in their typical roles, and seeing both of them play something a bit darker seems to be working here, and, if the trailer is an accurate representation of the final movie, Feig seems to be playing with the mystery and tension very well, which is somewhat surprising from someone who is predominantly known as a comedic director. Something like this does have the possibility of stumbling at the finish line, as its twist and turns could prove too much for itself, but, again, I’m very encouraged by what I’ve seen here.

Wrap-Ups and Rankings

  1. Mary, Queen of Scots– I’m honestly kind of surprised a period piece is the best trailer here, but it is, thanks to what looks like two knockout performances from Sairose Ronan and Margot Robbie.
  2. The Favourite– Inspiring me to hopefully get it together and watch the director’s previous films, this movie looks gloriously weird and I’m ready for it.
  3. Christopher Robin– This movie looks so joyful and cute and charming and maybe that’s what we need in this dark, dim world.
  4. A Simple Favor– Catching me off guard with its tense tone, I’m ready to see what happens when Paul Feig leads Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively through another version of Gone Girl.
  5. Wonder Park– If it weren’t for the stupid bear riding a roller coaster gag, this probably would have been higher up for inspiring genuine wonder within me.
  6. The Miseducation of Cameron Post– A surprisingly hopeful sneak peek at a movie that takes place in a gay conversion camp that rightfully puts the focus on Chloe Grace Moretz, its impressive young lead.
  7. Life Itself– Anchored by a gloriously charming Oscar Isaac, this movie feels like a longer episode of writer/director Dan Fogelman’s hit This Is Us, for better or worse.
  8. Colette– A trailer for what will almost certainly be a great movie with a great performance that sadly just shows too much of the story.
  9. Goosebumps 2- An unnecessary re-tread of what felt like an unnecessary first movie, except without the likable lead, this movie probably shouldn’t exist.
  10. Skyscraper- Just more of the same from an already too simple movie, I genuinely don’t understand why they even released this trailer.
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Ronan in Mary Queen of Scots -

One thought on “Trailers July 2-July 14

  1. A nice variety of movies. I’m really anxious for Mary, Queen of Scots. Seeing Skyscraper Friday but I don’t need a trailer to tell me what I can expect…LOL


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