So I’ve finally stumbled on running a blog. It started with a poor attempt at a Tumblr, where I wrote a review for Brave and then stopped trying (Brave does terrible things to people). Next, I posted my way through Pulp Fiction on Facebook. Enough upset people told me to get a Twitter, that I got a Twitter, where I would tweet my way through movies, award shows, and, in a particularly dark time of my life, Bridezillas. Then, after years of listening to James Bonding, I finally borrowed the James Bond Blu-Rays and will slowly work my way through the movies. After watching and tweeting my way through Dr. No, I started to put together a series of lists I wanted to keep throughout, and then I realized that maybe just writing about each film would be the best way to do it. A friend of mine has been running a music blog for some time, so I found out who his blog is through, found Word Press, and set everything up.

And here I am. Have fun, I guess.

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